Chris Williams began writing while still in college. His first novel to be published was so long that he had to split it into two novels, The Guardians and Ossendar. The Guardians was published in November, 2009, Ossendar followed in June, 2010. These two novels are the first novels in an epic fantasy series called The Restoration Series.

His third novel, but the second to be released, was Red Lightning. Red Lightning is a historical espionage novel set in the early 90's. Red Lightning is his first novel to be published in print as well as being available in ebook format. It was released in May, 2010.

His fourth novel, Nephilim is a supernatural thriller about half-human and half-angel hybrids. It was released in April, 2011.

In August, 2011, Chris released Valley of the Ancients. This is the third novel in The Restoration Series.

His sixth novel, but the fourth in The Restoration Series, was Into the Wastelands. It was released in July, 2012.

His seventh novel, and the first in a new series, is Long Shot. This series, A Remnant of the Commonwealth, is science fiction and set in a universe where interstellar travel is a common occurrence. It was released in February, 2013.

His eighth novel and the fifth in the Restoration Series is Victory and Defeat. It was released in July, 2013.

His ninth novel continues his sci-fi series, A Remnant of the Commonwealth. It's titled Kill Shot

His tenth novel is A Gathering of Armies. It's the sixth novel in the Restoration Series. Chris had intended for book six to be the finale of the Restoration Series, but the length of the book would have been too long, so Chris split it into two novels.

Chris released his eleventh novel: Far Shot in January 2015. It's the third novel in his sci-fi series, A Remnant of the Commonwealth.

His latest novel is The Dragon Order, and it's the finale of the Restoration Series.

Chris lives in Florida with his wife Julie and their two children; Gizmo and Gitcham. Both children are of the four-legged and furry variety.

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